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Because & So

Because ( = Reason, Why) ใช้บอกสาเหตุของการกระทำ (เชื่อมผลไปเหตุ)
เช่น I am late because the train was late.
ผล: I am late.
เหตุ: The train was late.

So ( = Result, What happened) ใช้บอกผลของการกระทำ (เชื่อมเหตุไปผล), ขยายกริยา (Verb + so)
เช่น I broke it, so I had to pay for it.
She look so good tonight.

Because: I passed my exam because I studied all weekend.
So: I have to study all weekend, so I can pass my exam.

Because: We are listening to music because we are upset.
So: When I am upset I listen to music, so I can relax.

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